2013: Trusting my intuition

It’s a new year, which is often known as a time for new beginnings. But it can feel pretty stressful to have to rebuild your whole life, all new. I know I’m feeling the pressure, to come up with a fresh outlook on life, to create new work-out routines, or even to buy new clothes, as I devise New Year’s resolutions meant to guide me through 2013 as a whole new me.

Here’s a different idea: in the CUAV spirit of taking things slow, and celebrating what I already know from my life experiences, I’m going to try taking on this year as the same old me. No obligation to reinvent myself, and to feel disappointed if I revert to my old ways halfway through February. No pressure to try erasing all traces of past mistakes, to pursue perfection and forget I ever had flaws. No, for me, this year’s new beginning means starting with what I know.

Intuition is a good word for what I know. It’s the very foundation of my knowledge, speaking to me from deep in my belly, telling me I can trust my own feelings and perceptions. And intuition, as we understand it at CUAV, is also the first step of self-determination, my ability to shape my own life.

We’re spending the first three months of the year with the metaphor of the Butterfly of Self-Determination. This feels good to me, more authentic than reaching outside of myself to try to attain someone else’s idea of perfection for me. I know what’s best for me. And this year is all about listening to what I know.