A Very Queer Winter

This time of year is known as one for showing gratitude, giving gifts and spending time with family. Personally, I’m a big fan of gratitude. But I also know that, for people who don’t come from or live in homes that match the picture-perfect family lives we see in holiday advertisements this time of year, the holiday spirit can leave some of us feeling left out.

So, ending the year with CUAV’s Spiderweb of Self-Love is a great way for me to remind myself that I deserve love, no matter what, regardless of who is present or absent in my life to share the love with me. I can show love and gratitude to myself by doing what feeds me – taking action, big or small, to do what makes me happy.

We might not always think about doing what makes us happy as a means of survival, but as a domestic violence survivor, I can speak to all of the ways that doing what feeds me has helped me get through hard times. When I felt that someone else was controlling every aspect of my life, doing something as little as listening to the music I liked could lift my spirits. And even now, when I get down on myself, feeling full of regret for what I went through, doing something like going for a walk can give me the reflection time to remind myself that my life has value, and I deserve to be happy.

So, I’m having a very queer winter, in that I’m being brave enough to do the things that fulfill me, regardless of what anyone else thinks of what I’m doing. And in that spirit, I wish you a queer winter, too. Do what makes you you! And I’ll do what makes me me. And little by little, our happiness will grow throughout the winter and beyond.