Wise and Natural Choices

I’ve been busy lately. I’ve had a lot to do and a lot to think about. And as a domestic violence survivor, as someone who is proudly and continuously in the process of healing, I’ve got plenty on my mind. All of this means I’m immensely grateful for all of the things my body takes […]

A Very Queer Winter

This time of year is known as one for showing gratitude, giving gifts and spending time with family. Personally, I’m a big fan of gratitude. But I also know that, for people who don’t come from or live in homes that match the picture-perfect family lives we see in holiday advertisements this time of year, […]

A Self-Love Celebration

I confess: I’ve made mistakes. I’ve also bled, and I’ve sweated, and I’ve sneezed. I’ve lost my breath, and I’ve caught my breath. I’ve fallen asleep. And I’ve woken up. Based on what I’ve learned lately, it turns out making mistakes, like all of these other actions, is natural. The fact that I’ve made mistakes […]

CUAV and coalition pass Anti-SComm ordinance

Starting November 8th, under the Due Process for All ordinance, San Francisco sheriffs will no longer hold people for ICE deportation except in a very small set of circumstances. As part of the San Francisco Immigrants Rights Defense Committee (SFIRDC) CUAV helped to pass the Due Process for All Ordinance, one of the most progressive […]

Check out the 2012 Domestic Violence Report

NCAVP 2012 IPV Report (2013 edition)

Love for Our Spirits

To love ourselves is to celebrate ourselves is to give ourselves a moment to shine in the spotlight, I say. So I’m really looking forward to doing just that at CUAV’s 3rd annual Color of My Spirit, our performance night of queer and trans artists celebrating our survival and resilience. This year, we have a […]

Survival Stories – Surviving S-Comm

“What is a witch if not a woman blind to all except surviving?” – Gale P. Jackson What might someone find if they burst into your home today? Would they hear the stories the walls have been holding for years? When I was growing up, my father told me about immigrating to the United States […]

My Vulnerable Place

I got sick recently. So sick that I had to ask someone for just about everything I wanted and needed. I guess I was something like a queen bee, chilling out in my hive, having other people bring me everything. But I didn’t feel as confident as a queen bee. There’s a scary place between […]

Celebrating Survival

At CUAV, we’re lucky to have inspiration raining on us everyday. Whether it’s from the resilience of our powerful members, the generosity of our thoughtful donors, or the energy of our determined allies, I can always find something to invigorate me in the work we do. Recently, I found inspiration in a brilliant poem we […]

Mind, Spirit, Body, and Boundaries

Last year, I wrote about how I know where my boundaries are. I look back now and wonder how I managed to feel so sure that my body would always tell me what I need. What if my body forgets? What if, after experiencing trauma, my body speaks up a little too loudly, saying, “Back […]