Check out the 2012 Hate Violence Report

2012 Hate Violence Report (NCAVP)

Stay Safe this Pride!

Tell a friend where you’re going and have their number on speed dial. Carry cash for public transportation or a cab. Try to meet up in a public space. Buy your own drinks and keep an eye on them. Trust your intuition. If something feels wrong, it probably is. You can say “No,” without any […]

My Boundaries, My Power

I learned a lot about myself around this time last year. As we began focusing on boundaries at CUAV, I learned about how my boundaries are like a snail’s shell – protective, natural, and always available. And also like a snail, boundaries are considered by some to be undesirable things. As for me, I learned […]

Spring Reflections

Springtime feels like the right time for reflecting on my life. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and – well, okay, and we’re in the Bay Area, so it’s still pretty chilly. But the air feels like the world’s awakening, so I might as well do the same. I’m looking around at the […]

Recycling wisdom

Making choices – it’s on my mind, once again. During February, we’re spending our second month with the Butterfly of Self-Determination, just like we did at this time last year. You might think it’d get a little repetitive, repeating the same cycle. But I’m finding out there’s always more insight to gain, particularly as we […]

2013: Trusting my intuition

It’s a new year, which is often known as a time for new beginnings. But it can feel pretty stressful to have to rebuild your whole life, all new. I know I’m feeling the pressure, to come up with a fresh outlook on life, to create new work-out routines, or even to buy new clothes, […]

Winter Wishes

This is a time of year for making wishes. As a kid, my wintertime wishes frequently involved material things. And even wishing for toys and gifts meant believing in some kind of magic in the air. If I just hoped hard enough, I believed, I could will all my wishes to come true. These days, […]

Asking and growing

I’ve been asking for things. Little things, mostly. I’ve asked a co-worker to pass me a pen I couldn’t reach, instead of getting up to get it. I’ve asked a friend to let me know if I had any food in my teeth, since I didn’t have a mirror to see for myself. And sure, […]

Check out the 2011 Intimate Partner Violence Report

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. CUAV supports LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence all year long, and in October we work with our national coalition, NCAVP, to release a report on trends and rates of DV in our communities. Check out our new report!

How I Know

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but my body’s pretty smart. As we continue talking about setting boundaries here at CUAV, I’m learning more and more about how much knowledge my body carries. Our participants and staff spent all of August focusing on the idea that “my boundaries are already in me.” This means […]