Check out the 2011 Intimate Partner Violence Report

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. CUAV supports LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence all year long, and in October we work with our national coalition, NCAVP, to release a report on trends and rates of DV in our communities. Check out our new report!

How I Know

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but my body’s pretty smart. As we continue talking about setting boundaries here at CUAV, I’m learning more and more about how much knowledge my body carries. Our participants and staff spent all of August focusing on the idea that “my boundaries are already in me.” This means […]

Setting boundaries

If you’d asked me six months ago to lead a group on setting boundaries, I probably would have laughed. Me? The one who sometimes feels like the world will end if I dare to say “no,” teaching others about boundaries? I’m glad that at CUAV we’re not about pretending to be experts who can teach […]

The joy of doing what feeds me

Poetry feeds me. The words simmer with the aroma of truth and hope. Reading makes me feel full, and writing fills my mouth with a sweet self-confidence that dribbles down my chin. Dancing gives me the savory satisfaction of eating something that’s good for my soul. Building community with other survivors is like digging into a holiday feast, complete with joy and pride in our ability to gather life’s ingredients and create a hearty meal.

Listening to my web

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Honoring my Path

How did I get here? I could answer that question in a number of ways. I could talk transportation, transformation, or trust in my own path. I could mention the hard times and the hopeful times. I can say that I’m proud of how I got here, but I can also admit that wasn’t always […]

Making Choices: A CUAV Love Story

As the newest staff member at CUAV, I can’t help feeling a little like my union with CUAV was meant to be. Though I only recently joined the staff collective, I’ve been a member since the spring of 2009, when I stepped into the old office seeking support for a positive change in myself and […]

Born to Be Heard

from the moment we were born we knew we belonged on this earth we breathed the air though nobody showed us how, filled our lungs with it and raised our clenched fists into the sky above us, knowing we can reach for more, screaming like we were born to be heard, and we may have […]