Honoring my Path

How did I get here? I could answer that question in a number of ways. I could talk transportation, transformation, or trust in my own path. I could mention the hard times and the hopeful times. I can say that I’m proud of how I got here, but I can also admit that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I felt shame in parts of my path, but now I’m practicing shaking off that shame to honor my journey.

This month at CUAV, we’re honoring however we got to today. It’s part one of our three-month Wellness Wednesday series with our participants on self-love. And to help us remember to honor our path, we’re using a new metaphor, the spiderweb of self-love. The way the spider builds her web is similar to the way I’ve shaped my path – little by little, one thread at a time, moving toward what feels right for me. I’m a little creeped out by the idea of being like a spider, but I guess that’s only fitting, since there are parts of my past that I find disturbing, and would sometimes like to shoo away. Instead of shooing or shaming myself, though, April is about honoring. We’re using theater, jewelry-making, poetry and art to lift up and celebrate our journeys, and to show ourselves some well-deserved love.

How did you get here?