Making Choices: A CUAV Love Story

As the newest staff member at CUAV, I can’t help feeling a little like my union with CUAV was meant to be. Though I only recently joined the staff collective, I’ve been a member since the spring of 2009, when I stepped into the old office seeking support for a positive change in myself and in the world around me. The rest, as they say, was history. Except that it wasn’t just history. CUAV now plays a big role in my present life, and in the future of my journey, too. And I don’t quite believe that it was simply “meant to be,” either. Not in the sense that fate just had CUAV waiting until I happened to stumble upon it. No, for me, finding CUAV took hope and courage, to believe in the possibility of change and to move forward in seeking it out. I’m here for the difference CUAV makes for me and for the folks in my communities, but mostly, I’m here because I choose to be.

Our spring Wellness Wednesday activities have energized me in my commitments to personal growth, self-love, and self-care. We’ve been talking about self-determination, the ability to lead our own lives. In January and February we focused on two essential parts of self-determination – intuition and choice. They’re the pieces of life that say that I know what’s best for myself, so I have the power to make decisions based on my own needs. Every week, I join Wellness Wednesday participants to create artwork and share stories about how we shape our lives, and my confidence in my power has been growing. I have no doubt that CUAV is the right place for me. And each Wellness Wednesday reminds me that, while others have supported me in my journey, I am the only person who had the ability to choose my path.

Now, as we shift into March, we’re looking at the next step in our self-determination process – reflection. I’m looking forward to reflecting on my choices in community, with creativity, at CUAV.