Recycling wisdom

Making choices – it’s on my mind, once again. During February, we’re spending our second month with the Butterfly of Self-Determination, just like we did at this time last year. You might think it’d get a little repetitive, repeating the same cycle. But I’m finding out there’s always more insight to gain, particularly as we talk about making choices, something we all do, every day.

I tend to fret about making choices. I think about the consequences of my decisions, worry that I’m making the wrong choice, then wonder about how I could’ve made better choices. I suppose this is just the natural cycle of self-determination as we at CUAV understand it – intuition, then choice, then reflection – only with a lot of fretting involved.

Returning to the topic of making choices reminds me that there’s no need to fret. Seeing self-determination as a cycle means understanding that we can always think about our choices later, and learn from how they turned out. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here, moving onto reflection, the next step in the cycle of self-determination. I think that’s because now, in this second time around the cycle, it’s clear to me that my choices don’t stand alone as frighteningly permanent forces. I don’t make a choice without tuning into what I know (my intuition), and no decision passes without considering how I felt about it and learning more about what’s best for me (reflection). I know much more about myself now than I did at this time last year. And I have myself to thank for that, for all of the enlightening choices I’ve made.