Setting boundaries

If you’d asked me six months ago to lead a group on setting boundaries, I probably would have laughed. Me? The one who sometimes feels like the world will end if I dare to say “no,” teaching others about boundaries?

I’m glad that at CUAV we’re not about pretending to be experts who can teach right from wrong, because I’d feel a little lost if I tried to be the boundary expert. No, instead we’re about coming together as community members who all have something to share about what works for us in our own lives. So as we enter our three-month series on setting boundaries, I feel more like a student than a teacher, listening to our participants talk about what this topic means to them.

We’re using a snail as a metaphor because, just like a person with boundaries, a snail has a shell that protects her and lets others know where her limits are. I’m thinking about my own shell, how it takes care of me, how it’s always been a part of me, and how I can retreat inside of it anytime I need to. And it turns out I know more than I thought I did about setting boundaries. My boundaries have taken good care of me so far, so I know plenty about the part they play in my life.