Spring Reflections

Springtime feels like the right time for reflecting on my life. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and – well, okay, and we’re in the Bay Area, so it’s still pretty chilly. But the air feels like the world’s awakening, so I might as well do the same. I’m looking around at the life I’ve built, much like I’d take in the space around me in the morning, when the sunlight is just brightening the room and I’m still shaking the sleep from my eyes.

At CUAV, the month of March means we’re in our third and final month with the Butterfly of Self-Determination. After thinking of butterfly eggs as our intuition, and using a caterpillar to represent choices we’ve made, we now imagine ourselves inside a cocoon, resting and reflecting on our choices before we emerge as butterflies to begin the cycle again.

This month, I’m comfortable in my cocoon. That hasn’t always been the case – in my past, reflection has looked more like regret. I’ve spent my cocoon time beating myself up for the choices I’ve made, always quick to point out where I’ve gone wrong and what I should’ve done differently.

But when I think of the word “reflection,” I think of a mirror. And a mirror doesn’t take time to point out where I went wrong. It simply shows me an image of myself, just as I am. So that’s how I’m practicing reflection, by taking a look at my life just as it is, without judgment. After all, I’m just waking up, and it’s way too early to worry about regret. All I know is how I feel about my choices, and I’m trusting that my feelings will help me navigate any changes that come my way this spring.