Transgender Day of Remembrance 2018

Every November 20th, CUAV stands with all our trans and gender non conforming members and participants.
We believe this is a heartbreaking time to remember and honor lives who have been taken by violence. As we envision what safety for our community looks like, we also denounce all forms of violence that affect LGBTQI communities and our TGNC family.
The harsh reality of marginalization, criminalization, persecution, being made invisible, etc, are a public health matter which continue to disproportionately impact the lives of black and latinx TGNC individuals. The recent memo from the White House, has been an attack against our lives, dignities, and a symbolic way to exterminate us, and yet another act of VIOLENCE.
CUAV stands firm to support our diversities and uniqueness as human beings. We work every day to invite each one of us to love our bodies, and empower our lives as a way to resist the violence rooted from white supremacy, gendered and colonial norms.
TDOR (Trans Day of Remembrance) is not only a day to give respect and restore the memory of the lives that hatred has tried to erase, but reminds us that their existence give us the strength to continue celebrating their lives and wisdom passed to us. We must remember that their legacy, joy and essence can never be erased from our hearts. When we reclaim our community members dignity, we show that we are still united fighting against hate, ignorance and transphobia.
CUAV is here for you, we hold and honor the place you are coming from and resist with you, and the best way we find it possible is through healing, loving ourselves and our people…supporting and uplifting one another.