Wise and Natural Choices

I’ve been busy lately. I’ve had a lot to do and a lot to think about. And as a domestic violence survivor, as someone who is proudly and continuously in the process of healing, I’ve got plenty on my mind. All of this means I’m immensely grateful for all of the things my body takes care of all on its own, without requiring a second thought from me. Things like sweating when I’m hot, or shivering in the cold may seem simple, but it makes a big difference to have the assurance that my body can naturally take care of my needs.

I’m getting into the practice of seeing my intuition as wise and natural, too. When something feels good or doesn’t feel right to me, the gut feeling I get is just another way that my body helps to point me in the right direction on my path toward wellness.

Recently, we wrote about this during Wellness Wednesday. CUAV members and staff reflected on how our intuition takes care of us by helping us see our options and make choices based on what we know is best for ourselves. Here’s my reflection:

My body tells me when I’m warm, and what warmth means to me – peeling layers away to get down to the core of who I am, without having to shield myself from the frozen sting of this world’s judgment. Feeling warm lets me open up and bloom, lets me part my lips in a smile and feel the sunshine coming through, to brighten up the dark within me. With warmth, I can take care of my own needs, instead of relying on a security blanket’s comfort to get me through. And it’s true – sometimes, I’d like to have a blanket. Sometimes, I’d like someone else to tell me how to feel or what to do. Sometimes, I think it’d just be easier that way. But then, after a run, or a dance, or a few spontaneous jumping jacks, my own warmth surges from inside me, allowing me to feel and see that I’m the only one I need.