We support the wellness of predominantly low- and no-income LGBTQ people surviving violence or abuse.

  • Support Groups: LGBTQ people dealing with violence or abuse can build their skills to heal from trauma and create healthy relationships.
  • Advocacy-Based Peer Counseling: LGBTQ people dealing with violence or abuse can access short-term counseling to receive emotional support, safety planning, referrals, and limited case follow-up.
  • If you are an LGBTQ person dealing with violence or abuse, leave a message for CUAV at (415) 333-HELP (4357). Services require the completion of an intake to assess if we are the best fit for support.

We build the leadership of LGBTQ people and our allies to create safer lives.

  • Leadership Development: Participants build their skills in peer support and connect their personal experiences of violence to the larger social, economic, and political conditions they face.
  • Training: We provide a limited number of trainings for service providers and community organizations to increase their capacity to support the safety of LGBTQ people.
  • safetyfest: In 2010 and 2011 we held two festivals in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley to celebrate the resilience and survival of LGBTQ people.

We organize our communities to address the root causes of violence.