If you are an LGBTQ person dealing with violence or abuse, leave a message for CUAV at (415) 333-HELP (4357). Services require the completion of an intake to assess if we are the best fit for support.

If you are looking to file a domestic/dating violence restraining order, contact the Access Center for Family Law and Self-Help Services at (415) 551-5880.

If you are looking for a domestic violence shelter, contact WOMAN Inc. at 1-877-384-3578.

If you are looking for legal advice pertaining to domestic violence,
contact Bay Area Legal Aid. at (800) 551-5554.

If you are looking for a classroom presentation about LGBTQ issues, contact the SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau.

If you are a Domestic Violence Shelter or Program looking for training on LGBTQ cultural competency, check out the NCAVP Training and Technical Assistance Center

If you are looking to file a discrimination complaint related to employment, housing, or public accommodation, contact the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.